Link Age Range Description
Free Rice Middle School-
High School
Answer trivia questions correctly and earn grains of rice to help stop world hunger
History for Kids Elementary School-
Middle School
Learn about history through games and quizzes brought to you by BBC
iCivics Elementary School-
High School
Can you balance the U.S. budget?
Do you know your constitutional rights?
How would you do as President for a term?
Find out with these fun games.
Nobel Prize Middle School-
High School
Games based on Nobel Prize winning projects
PBS Kids Preschool-
Primary School
Lots of games in categories including science and letters, most with kids favorite PBS characters
Kids Brain Games Elementary School-
Middle School
Train your brain and reaction times with these quick games
Playing History Middle School-
High School
This site has over 100 history based games in its database. Check out user reviews to find the right one for you.
Wonderville Primary School-
Middle School
Explore science though these quick games and activities
Starfall Preschool-
Elementary School
Play games with letter recognition all the way through to reading plays, nonfiction, and comics.